Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Gooey Caramel Butter Bars

So as soon as burnt sugar was mentioned as a topic in the LiveJournal community BakeBakeBake I had the perfect recipe in mind. Unfortunately I had loads of school work plus lots of cooking for easter standing in my way.

I did remember to make the recipe though and even though I ended up submitting it on the day of, that certainly can't take away from how delicious it was. I'm not even kidding, look at these things:

more gooey goodness :)

That's a fresh one before it had fully set sitting on top of a melted caramel candy :) After they did set though, I tended to heat mine up for about 10 seconds in the microwave to get the caramel nice and melty again.

Caramel candies closeup

I had to unwrap quite a few Caramel Candies but it was worth it. Plus they looked even more delicious once I melted them:


They don't look like they have a lot of carmel in them from the side view, but they definitely do :)

Cookie bar slice Cookie bar slice

I actually only baked a half batch that night and the next morning they were almost gone!! I don't even know when my parents found the time to eat them but apparently they did

cooked What was left

The recipe is originally from Jill O'Connor's Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey, but I followed it here on taste and tell:


Deborah said...

I'm so glad you liked them! I LOVED them, and seeing yours now makes me want to make some more right now!!

Cassandra said...

Your blog is absolutely amazinggg ! I'm almost as impressed as I was the first time I saw Never Bashful with Butter.
I love the step by step photos in all of your posts, and the fact that the recipes are all original. I'll be trying nearly every one of these out!

Olivia said...

These look really great. The only thing bad about caramel in baking is having to unwrap all those aweful little plastic coverings on each block of caramel.

Stacey said...

These look really good. I'll have to try them!!! Thank You!

Marnie said...

What a wonderful Blog. It's so nice to someone love baking and is not shy about admitting mistakes during the process.

Fantastic job. I have an old recipe for Butterscotch Brownies but I think after reading this they are more aptly named a caramel type of brownie. It's an old one brought over from Ireland in my childhood. They aren't nearly as decadent as the ones you posted but so very good. I think I have to try this version at some point as well!!

Great job, beautiful photos, you are very talented.

Sylvia said...

The pictures are great, and this recipe looks really good. I can't wait to try it! I might stick it in the baskets of goodies for the neighbors.
Seiko Ananta

Claire said...

hey-these look gorgeous! I've been looking for a caramel slice-like recipe and this looks great-definetly ought to give it a go !
Your photography is also really good- I'm currently trying to improve my food photography skills but it's really hard ! Do you have any tips?

The Food Hunter said...

These bars look great. I will need to make them for my husband.

The Daily Smash said...

Looks yummy thanks for sharing.

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Brittany said...


Robert said...

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Ashley DeMazza said...

Each one of your recipes looks more tempting than the do amazing work!

Ashley DeMazza
Falls Village, CT